Monday, April 29, 2013

Reading the Bible

Reposted from my old blog, Steve+Theology. Originally published 6/27/12.

One more quick thing before I go to bed. As a Christian, it's important to read the bible. I'll be the first to admit that it is difficult. The reason being that I am here there and everywhere and it's a pain to lug around a book everywhere I go. I don't usually bring a bag or anything with me. Just keys and wallet. A water bottle if I am lucky.

My solution: BibleGateway RSS feeds. I've been very happy with this. It's been what I am looking for. I like this for a variety of reasons. Firstly, Google Reader is my friend. It's easy to miss a day and not get all screwed up. I also have a compulsion to not have anything unread on my list. I can look on my computer, I can look on my phone. I can look on my friend's computer or phone. It's accessible everywhere. Secondly, it's one of few net resources that don't use old or strange Bible translations because of copyright issues. Not entirely sure how they get around this, I'm just glad they do. My personal favourite is NRSV. Thirdly, there are choices and they make sense to me. I've seen reading plans on the internet before and they jump all around all over. There are plenty of choices here and they move through in an obvious and methodical pattern. For instance you can go chronologically by book (the books aren't arranged chronologically in the Bible). You could go in order. You could look at just letters, gospels, prophesy, history, etc. There are options. You can also choose a timeframe. Currently I'm doing the New Testament in a year. It starts at the beginning and goes to the end. It consists of literary units rather than skipping around. Very good. Lastly the RSS story is not just an abstract and link to the full story like those bloggers looking for a high visit count. The whole text simply comes into your inbox. Easy. Peasy. If you're looking for a stupidly simple way to get reading the bible, give this a shot.

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